Tuller featured in Technion "Focus" Magazine

Professor Harry Tuller was featured in the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology's "Focus" magazine

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“I am one of those that believe that we need to do something now, and quickly,” says Harry L. Tuller, Professor of Ceramics and Electronic Materials at MIT. Tuller was hosted at Technion by his former postdoctoral student, Dr Avner Rothschild of the Faculty of Materials Engineering, as part of an ongoing cooperation with GTEP. Tuller was speaking in the framework of the Israel Pollack Distinguished Lecture Series in December 2010. His research team at MIT focuses on defects, transport and electronic structure of metal oxides and their integration into sensors; fuel cells; solar cells, and MEMS devices.

“We need an astronomical increase in sources of energy,” says Tuller, in the first of two lectures: Electroceramics - strategic materials in the quest to solve the energy crisis. “Energy is a crisis, but it is also a big opportunity. It stimulates you to do things... to do something great for humanity but also for the economy - and for the economic stimulation of Israel. The answers are in the materials. Scientists need to work fast to solve the energy crisis to create clean, affordable energy, to improve living standards and to diminish environmental impact.”

For a country this size, Israel has a large visibility in technology and innovation, says Tuller, who spent his postdoc years at Technion’s Faculty of Physics. “It was a changing experience… it broadened my perspective tremendously and extended my vision of things,” he says. “It is a pleasure to come back home: a great honor.”

“Technion - like MIT - plays a pivotal role as a meeting place for ideas in science and engineering. Visible programs like GTEP are very useful to create new generations of people who are sensitive to core problems and are focused on the challenge.”