Publications 2020

2020 Publications in Refereed Journals

  • Di Chen, Zixuan Guan, Dawei Zhang, Lena Trotochaud, Ethan Crumlin, Slavomir Nemsak, Hendrik Bluhm, Harry L. Tuller and William C. Chueh, Constructing a pathway of mixed ion & electron transfer reactions for O2 incorporation in Pr0.1Ce0.9O2-x, Nature Catalysis, 3 [2]116-124 (2020). (DOE)

  • D. Kalaev, T. Defferriere, C. Nicollet, T. Kadosh, H. L. Tuller, Current-Voltage Analysis of Oxygen Vacancy Mobility in Praseodymium Doped Ceria over Wide Temperature Limits, Advanced Functional Materials 30 [11], 1907402 (2020). (DOE).

  • Taro Ueda, Thomas Defferriere, Takeo Hyodo, Yasuhiro Shimizu, Harry L. Tuller, Nanostructured Pr-doped Ceria (PCO) thin films as sensing electrodes in solid-electrolyte type gas sensors with enhanced toluene sensitivity, Sensors and Actuators B, 317, 128037 (2020) (DOE).

  • Jing Yang, Jonathan M. Polfus, Zuoan Li, Harry L. Tuller, Bilge Yildiz, Role of Adsorbate Coverage on the Oxygen Dissociation Rate on Sr-Doped LaMnO3 Surfaces in the Presence of H2O and CO2, Chemistry of Materials, 32, 13, 5483–5492 (2020) (DOE).

  • Clement Nicollet, Cigdem Toparli, George F. Harrington, Thomas Defferriere, Bilge Yildiz and Harry L. Tuller, Acidity of Surface-Infiltrated Binary Oxides as a Sensitive Descriptor of Oxygen Exchange Kinetics in Mixed Conducting Oxides, Nature Catalysis, (2020), (DOE-NETL)

  • Dmitri Kalaev, Harry L. Tuller, Active Tuning of Optical Constants in the Visible-UV: Praseodymium Doped Ceria - Model Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductor, Advanced Optical Materials, (2020). Accepted for publication (DOE).

2020 Patents Filed/Awarded

  • Surface treatment of electrodes and membranes for enhanced oxygen reduction rates, MIT TLO disclosure, 1/21/20